It Works!

Seriously, it really works. Did you think I would leave a stock default server page on my website?

If you are seeing this, it means that I decided to scrap the original front page but haven't decided yet on the looks of a new one. And this one is so wholesome, seriously you don't even need all the speed optimizations you can do in nginx and HTTP2

If you are interested in knowing more about me, you can visit these pages:

You can theoretically contact me on e-mail address If you don't hear from me, it probably ended up in my spam folder. However, because I check my spam folder regularly, this will mean I don't give a toss. Also, if you have obtained my phone number by any means without my explicit consent, forget and delete it. There is only one thing I consider as worse than an unexpected call - an unexpected call from someone I did not give my phone number to. That applies to absolutely EVERYONE. If I reply to your e-mail, my phone number is in the signature, but only as a last resort, when things cannot be sorted out by writing e-mails (eg. my action is urgently needed). Unless I ignore the e-mails, drive, fly or travel, I react in no time.
But in nutshell:
That's all, folks!

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